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Small Heath School


How well are you doing with your attendance?

GREEN | If your attendance is above 97% - You are an excellent attender and you will almost certainly achieve the best grades for your ability and have a real opportunity in further education or in the world of work!

AMBER | If you attendance is 95% plus - You are likely to achieve grades that will give you real opportunities to continue with your studies.

AMBER | If you attendance is 90 - 95% - You are likely to be missing up to 20 school days and this will make it difficult for you achieve your best.

RED | If your attendance is below 90% - You are missing so much time from school that it will be difficult for you to keep in touch with lessons and catch up.

Current Attendance - 95.5%

Our aim is to offer and provide the greatest opportunity for children's learning. For this to be achieved it is important that each child attends school regularly. We must ensure that all our pupils have an equal chance of profiting from the educational opportunities provided by the school.
We expect 95% or more attendance from our pupils.

Attendance Figures for June 2016 are:-

YEAR 7 95.3%
YEAR 8 94.6%
YEAR 9 93%
YEAR 10 95.1%
YEAR 11 99.2%

Overall attendance Level for June 2016  - 95.5%

Best attendance in Tutor Groups:-
Year 7 7SGZ & 7RGA 98%
Year 8 8MAK 98.9%
Year 9 9SOH 98.4%
Year 10 10OJE 97.6%
Year 11


Well done and keep it up!!!!

You could be referred to court section if your attendance falls below 85% and this could mean your parents being fined £2500 and possible jail.

Please ensure you get the best from your education by attending school everyday!

It is the pupils responsibility to:

  • Aim for 95% attendance and above
  • Be punctual to registration and lessons
  • Visit the toilets at break time and lunchtime
  • Visit receptions area at break time and lunchtime
  • If you are late you need to sign in and explain the reason for your lateness
  • Carry bottle of water and fill this up at breaks

Rewards for good attendance:

  • Certificates to all pupils with 100% attendance ? termly and yearly
  • Vouchers and certificate to pupils with improved attendance
  • Celebrating attendance achievements regularly, by trips and visits
  • Bar charts displayed to show tutor group attendance
  • Certificates for best attendance in Tutor Groups
Attendance during one school year Means this many days absent Which is approximately this many weeks absent Which means approximately this many hour of learning lost
95% 9 Days 2 Weeks 50 hours
90% 19 Days 4 Weeks 100 hours
85% 29 Days 6 weeks 150 hours