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Small Heath School


What do I do if... my child is ill and cannot attend school?

Telephone the appropriate building and inform reception if this is the case. Upon your child's return to school can you please write a note explaining their absence.

What do I do if... my child has a dental/medical appointment during the school day?

Please write a note detailing what time your child needs to leave school (this can be a note in the students planner). One of the parents will need to sign the student out at reception before they will be permitted to leave the school premises.

What do I do if... I am concerned about my child's progress?

Please telephone or come and see your child's Head of Year, you can also write a note to your child's form tutor in their planner.

What do I do if... I am concerned about my child's health / well-being / friendship group?

These are very sensitive subjects so please contact your child's Head of Year to discuss these matters further.

What do I do if... I would like to talk to my child's form tutor / teacher / Head of Year?

Please telephone the school and ask to speak to them. A message will be taken and the member of staff will call you back as soon as they can. You can also make an appointment to come and see them if it is a matter of urgency.

What do I do if... I need to bring my child's lunch / PE kit / books into school?

Please come to Reception at the appropriate building with the item labelled with your child's name and tutor group.