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Small Heath School

Summer Home Learning

Year 10 students are at the end of their penultimate year and, this time next year will be nervously awaiting their GCSE results. To this end, every opportunity to maintain and extend academic progress between now and next summer is priceless. However, statistics suggest that students can lose up to two months progress over the long summer holidays and, in effect, start the following academic year at a level below that at which they concluded the previous one.

As a means of ensuring that our students can avoid the problem of summer regress and maintain a pathway to achieving the results they will need in order to progress to the next stage of their education, we are setting summer homework for all students in Year 10 that will revise and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for their GCSE year.

Students will be advised in lessons of the summer homework that each subject team has set, but copies of the tasks are available for them (and yourselves) to access via the school website. Subject teams have identified purposeful activities that link to exam preparation and enhance student understanding. It is important that all students spend time over the summer preparing for the challenges of Year 11 by completing this work prior to their return in September.

The summer homework, like any other homework or class task, will only benefit students if done properly. To maximise the effect of this work, students need to organise time so that it is spread out and that they give themselves time to do it well. They also need to organise time so that they can enjoy their summer holiday too, of course.

We look forward to seeing our year 10s return as the new Year 11 cohort, and look forward with hope and confidence. Starting September with clear focus and strong understanding of subjects is a springboard to success in the GCSE year and beyond.