How to Reduce What you Pay on Groceries

Many of us find that our supermarket bill can be one of the most expensive things that we have in a month. It can feel like we are spending too much money. There are things that might help in getting that bill down though. You may have a few ideas and may have already tried a few things but here are some that you may not have thought of that could be worth trying out.

  • Change supermarkets – you may really like the supermarket that you are with or you might think that you already shop with the cheapest. However, if you compare prices at different supermarkets you could be surprised. You may find that you are paying more than you need to. It could be a good idea to compare prices between the different supermarkets on the main things that you buy and you will be able to see whether you are paying more than you would in other shops. We might have an idea as to which supermarkets re cheap and which are dear but we may be surprised when we research it.
  • Buy unbranded – we can often be loyal to certain brands and assume that the supermarket brands will not be very good. However, we could find that the supermarket brands will be as good if not better and they are normally cheaper. Do check carefully and compare them as occasionally a supermarket brand will be dearer. You may find that for some items you will still prefer the branded items but it is worth a try.
  • Be careful with offers – often we can get tempted by the offers in the supermarket and think that they are worth taking advantage of. However, it can often be that the saving is very small or you are buying something that you would not normally buy. You may end up buying a few reduced things because they are cheaper, but buying your normal shop as well and eating those as well. Not only is this not healthy as you are eating extra but you will be paying out more money.
  • Compare prices– it is wise to compare prices within the supermarket. No only between brands but also compare items. So, if you are looking for a pudding, for example, compare the fresh cheesecake, with the frozen and the packet mix and the ingredients to make your own. Then compare that with an alternative pudding. Then you will be able to see which is the very cheapest and decide which you would prefer to buy.
  • Buy unprocessed – it can often be cheaper to buy unprocessed food. For example, it is cheaper to buy vegetables and roast them yourself then to buy a box of pre prepared veggies to roast. This can be the same with ready meals and sandwiches, where it is cheaper to make your own. There might be some processed foods that are cheaper, but this can be because they are made from poor quality ingredients. Take a careful look and think about whether you are happy to do a bit more cooking and save money as a result.
  • Do not buy bags – there is now a charge for carrier bags and so make sure that you take your own with you. This cost may seem small but if you buy 10 bags a week that will cost you £52 a year which would be better off in your pocket than in the bin. So, take a rucksack or reusable bags with you or reuse plastic bags that you have at home and save some money.

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