Is it Best to Work for Pleasure or Money?

When we are planning our career, perhaps when we are at school or at college, we look towards something that we think we will enjoy doing. However, the reality often is that when we come to find a job, we either cannot find one that matches our expectations or we end up not really enjoying it anyway. We may end up in situation where we find that we are in a dilemma where we might have a choice between doing the job that we really want to and know we will enjoy or doing one that has a higher pay. We may be lucky enough to find both but a lot of us will have a dilemma to consider. There are different points of view on this and it is a good idea to think about some different perspectives so that you can make up your mind.

It is only money

There are some people that feel that money is not that important and they do not want to be a slave to it. They will just be happy with doing a job that they like and then managing on whatever pay they will get for doing that. This sort of person will tend to be pretty laid back about money and they will also be laid back about paying for things as well. If they live alone this may work out okay, but pressure to provide can come when people have a family to support, own a home or have no credit check payday loans to repay and they need a decent income to cover the costs of those. Then it might be that the money becomes more important than the job.

I need money to better myself

Some people feel like having money is a way of gaining status. This might come from pressure form their family or from themselves. It is easy to think that if you can afford to buy expensive things then it makes a statement about you and your worth. This is a shame as we do not need lots of things to be a good person. If we have the most fashionable clothing, trendiest d├ęcor in our homes and a big house, what does it really say about us? It is worth thinking about that. It could be nice to show off to others about what we have, but does it also make us happy? It is worth thinking about whether it really does have that much value to us or whether we might be better off spending the money on other things or even keeping it in savings to use for an emergency.

Making money is a great way to feel better about yourself.

I can retire early then do what I want

Some people might like the idea of working really hard at a highly paid job and then retiring early so that they can have lots of years of not working. This can work out but to do this you will need to be very careful with the money you earn. You will need to decide on where you are going to invest it so that you have a good income when you retire. If you retire early then you will not be able to draw a pension, so you will need to consider what you will do instead for an income and make sure that you prepare for that. It can be tempting to spend more as we earn more and you will need to make sure that you do not do that as you will need to put that money aside.

I can learn to love what I do

Some people will work in a job they are not that keen on that pays well and just learn to like it. As it becomes a daily routine it gets easier to get used to the job and work out what needs to be done in order to make it enjoyable. If the money is good then this can be easier as you have some motivation for sticking at it.

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